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Go from Overwhelm to Ease with the Help of a VA

  • You can delegate work to focus on high impact,

    high quality tasks

  • They can be highly skilled & do things you don't know how to do(or want to do!)

  • Move Your business forward & help you scale

Start Looking for Your VA

How do I know I'm hiring the right virtual assistant?

VA Made Easy has been created in order to make it easier for you to get a Virtual Assistant, making sure that you don't have to overcome the difficulties you are likely to face in the process. We take care of finding the right VA for you, screening them according to your requisites, and making sure that their skills match your need.


You'll be ready to bring on a VA with a template of tasks specific to your business and goals, so you can maximize your VA's time and free up your schedule.


You'll easily onboard your VA with proven tools we set up for you, so you can confidently communicate and delegate.

Take Off

You're offloading more tasks and enjoying having things completed by your VA. Your communication is easier and you can start to give more responsibility and for that you are grateful.

Why VA Made Easy?

Bring on one VA or build your dream team of virtual assistants who can work remotely and handle your business operations and client work in a simple and organized way.

Grow Your Company

VAs can handle administrative tasks such as scheduling, email management, and data entry. This frees up the business owner’s time to focus on strategic aspects of the business.

Business owners can use the extra time to devise growth strategies, explore new markets, or develop innovative products and services.

Create a Dream Team

With routine tasks handled, business owners can invest time in personal and professional development, enhancing leadership skills or learning new strategies.

Delegating tasks to VAs can reduce stress, enabling a healthier work-life balance, leading to increased productivity and creativity.

Save & Change Their Lives

By welcoming a virtual assistant into your team, you're not only lightening your workload and saving money, but you're also offering someone a chance for meaningful employment. You're enabling them to work from the comfort of their home, providing flexibility and balance in their lives.

Client Testimonials

"My VA is better than most office managers I have hired in the past and she is able to do so many tasks virtually."

~Susan Cumberland

"What I like about having my VA is she is invested in me succeeding. She is always thinking of things to help me grow my business."

~John Westhaver

Now that I have my VA and we’re getting results I no longer feel overwhelmed. It’s a nice feeling to have someone that you can turn to, to get things done and follow up.”

~ Laurie Sheehan

"It has been a truly pleasant experience. The VA that has been fitted to me, has been kind, professional and efficient. He has made my business better, lowered my stress level and honestly, he makes me look good."

~ Tanya Steele

About Diane Rolston

As an Award-Winning Coach, Speaker, and CEO of the Dynamic Women® Global Club, Diane Rolston specializes in coaching female business leaders to have more confidence and success, while living a balanced life. Her proven systems & processes help you have “clarity” on what to focus on, “confidence” to go for it, and an “action” plan.


After leading events, speaking on international stages, and becoming an author while raising two children, Diane is a leader on work/life balance and high achievement. She loves sharing her proven strategies and funny stories on the Dynamic Women® Podcast and YouTube Channel.


She has received many awards including:

·     Top 50 Mom Podcaster 3 years in a row,

·     Leading Mom Award Winner,

·     Vancouver Top Mom Blogger,

·     and “Women of Worth” Motherpreneur of the Year among others.

She believes we are not defined by our titles and our roles, instead we are more powerful and happy when we can be who we are. This brought out “Dynamic You”, a book and a program, where she leads women to unleash the Dynamic Woman in them.

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